Aji Stone made statue in a shape of chicks. The small round shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hands expresses the cuteness of the chick.W45 D70 H60(mm)/ 210g



    A bird sculpture made of Aji stone. The bulbous shape and curved contour to the tail depicts the soft beauty of a feathery bird. Each bird is unique based on the surface of the stone. There are 2 types: Komame and Sabi-ish. W60 D145 H80(mm)/ 550g



    This is the coaster with the woven pattern. Although you will never be able to weave hard stones, this piece has the lattice pattern looking as if it were woven. Enjoy the cool ambience it presents just like bamboo works. W80 D95 H5 (mm)  / 50g

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