A small weight used for pickling. The simple design combined with the rope handle gives a warm impression. The compact size makes it a versatile piece that can be used not just for pickling, but also as a doorstopper and such. W150 H75 / 2kg



    Great organizer utilizing the stone weight and the balance. Each round tube is cut diagnally to create balance and stability. Can be used as a pen stand or ladle stands in your kitchen. S:W68 D68 H125(mm)/ 680g L:W68 D68 H165(mm)/ 1kg

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    A stand made of rusting stone to store your cutting board. The top stone surface has been left unfinished so as to show the natural form of the stone, which gives off a sturdy impression. W115 D90 H100(mm), 内D 30mm / 1.6kg

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    Although it looks like a stone age hammer, this is a paper towel holder. Since the bottom is designed with a curve, it swings from left to right when tearing a paper towel. The bottom is aligned with cork material so it could be used on wodden or stainless steel surfaces. W110 D70 H305(mm)/ 1kg