A stand made of rusting stone to store your cutting board. The top stone surface has been left unfinished so as to show the natural form of the stone, which gives off a sturdy impression. W115 D90 H100(mm), 内D 30mm / 1.6kg

    ¥5,800 Sold Out
  • CAVE


    A wine cooler that uses the chilled touch of stone. A chilled bottle of wine will stay chilled when stored in this stone wine cooler. The slit allows one to check in a glance how much wine remains in the bottle. W110×H150mm / 1.7kg



    Ice cream cup holder made of the Aji Stone. The cold and grainy pattern of the stone resembles the cave. The cup could be used all year round by cooling down with a cup of ice cream on hot Summer days and enjoying a chilling treat by the warm fireside on Winter. W80×H70mm / 230g

  • LINE


    Visually astonishing table wear with no curvature. The LINE series is light weight despite the stone material being used. Offers elegant and luxurious feel from its design. Detailed pattern brings out the glasswear and the ceramics being placed.カトラリーレスト:W90 D23 H13(mm)/ 100gコースター:W90 D90 H13(mm)/ 270gプレート:W240 D90 H13(mm)/ 700gマット:W350 D240 H13(mm)/ 2.5kg

    ¥1,800 - ¥14,400
  • MON


    Small plates that were inspired by traditional Japanese family crests. The thin, curvy designs make it hard to believe they are made of stone. Hyotan: W100 D150 H6(mm)/  100gMatsu W125 D80 H6(mm)/  100gNejiri: W145 D140 H6(mm)/  100gHanabira: W75 D120 H6(mm) /  100gOugi: W150 D70 H6(mm)/  100g

  • MOON


    円い大きなプレートです。石の冷たいプレートは、センターテーブルやダイニングテーブルの上のフルーツプレートとして最適です。庵治石の特徴である斑の模様が美しく映えます。スペックφ265×H16mm / 1700g作:中山 忠彦

  • MUCH


    Puzzle like utensil holder made from the Aji Stone material. Comes in four pieces. Feel united when the unique individual pieces come together. W120 D120 H20(mm)【four pieces/set】/ 340g



    An oval bowl with a plump form that brings out both the heaviness and softness of the stone. S W150 D100 H40(mm) / 560g L W210 D140 H57(mm)/ 1.5kg

    ¥8,000 - ¥13,000


    シンプルな石のプレートです。 四辺を斜めに切り落としたフォルムが全体を薄く軽い印象にしています。 冷たい石の器はフルーツを置くのに最適です。表面を鏡面仕上げにしている事で、庵治石の特徴である「艶」の魅力を最大限に引き出しています。エントランスやリビングでのインテリアとしてもおすすめです。スペックW250 D150 H35mm/1700g 作:落合 賢

  • WELL


    A plastic bottle holder for cold drink. Not only does this keep cold drinks cool but it also absorbs the condensation around the bottle. Great for bed side carafe. The drink holder adds stability to the bottle preventing you from knocking it over the nightstand at night. D95×H140mm / 1.16kg