円い大きなプレートです。石の冷たいプレートは、センターテーブルやダイニングテーブルの上のフルーツプレートとして最適です。庵治石の特徴である斑の模様が美しく映えます。スペックφ265×H16mm / 1700g作:中山 忠彦



    A small weight used for pickling. The simple design combined with the rope handle gives a warm impression. The compact size makes it a versatile piece that can be used not just for pickling, but also as a doorstopper and such. W150 H75 / 2kg

  • WELL


    A plastic bottle holder for cold drink. Not only does this keep cold drinks cool but it also absorbs the condensation around the bottle. Great for bed side carafe. The drink holder adds stability to the bottle preventing you from knocking it over the nightstand at night. D95×H140mm / 1.16kg