This is the sculptured paperweight in polyhedron. Keep it on your desk, and when you hit the dead-end with your work, just look at it, grab it or use it to give your shoulders a massage while you wait for the inspiration. Wishing for the blessing of the ancient Greek philosopher “Archimedes”. 8: W60×D60×H80.5mm / 200g14: W60×D60×H60mm / 500g26: W60×D60×H60mm / 300g



    A collection of small plates that are characterized by the streaks that reach out from the center to the rim. The versatile plate can be used to decorate anything such as air plants, moss, and incense will add a tasteful accent to your room. S: W65×H16mm / 80g M: W80×H16mm / 130g L: W95×H16mm / 200g



    Aji Stone made statue in a shape of chicks. The small round shape that fits perfectly in the palm of your hands expresses the cuteness of the chick.W45 D70 H60(mm)/ 210g



    Drift away from your desk with the small tray that was inspired by a boat drifting away. When something is placed on the tray, it swings left to right representing the movement of a boat above sea. Use as a pen tray or even as a business card holder at the office or store. W125×D63×H48mm / 300g



    One gold layer shines in the side that resembles geological stratum. This is the cigar tray made of two pieces of stone with a brass plate in between like the gold deposit. Treat yourself to the luxurious moment. W140 D98 H140 (mm) / 850g



    A single-flower vase that unites stone and wood. Skilled craftsmanship allows for the combination of hard, cold stone with warmth of wood. Although the two materials have very different expressions, they have always remained a part of the common person’s ordinary lifestyle together. When those two materials are united as one entity, it makes for a comforting novelty. W50 D50 H350 / 830g

  • SABO


    A series of vases that resemble cacti because of the vertical indentations. The sight of the different-sized vases together is very charming, and is sure to soften the vibe of any space.1 W60×H45mm / 260g2 W60×H60mm / 350g3 W60×H65mm / 330g4 W50×H80mm / 320g5 W50×H105mm / 430g

  • SABO H

    SABO H

    独特の縦筋がまるでサボテンのような花器のシリーズです。大きなサイズが加わりました。いくつもの形が集まっている姿はとても愛らしく、部屋の空気を和らげてくれます。W103 D103 H200 (mm) / 2.25kg 作:伏石 康宏

  • SABO L

    SABO L

    独特の縦筋がまるでサボテンのような花器のシリーズです。大きなサイズが加わりました。いくつもの形が集まっている姿はとても愛らしく、部屋の空気を和らげてくれます。L:W183 D183 H63(mm)