A clean and simple ashtray with a circular depression inside a square. Add a subtle piece of nature to your everyday living, which cannot be reenacted by marble or synthetic materials. W120 D120 H30(mm)/ 880g



    Like it is said, "preservance prevails." The EFFORT showcases one's hard work with the shape and size of the stone. Top stone is used as a pen stand and the bottom two as a tray. One cannot reach the top without the EFFORT being placed. 上:W65×H40mm / 270g 中:W85×H40mm / 400g 下:W105×H40mm / 610g

  • KORO


    A stone made out of stone. Taking on the shape of what people often picture when they imagine a stone, it is thought that these round stones lost their edges while traveling the river. The smooth roundness and chilled touch offers a peace of mind to the beholder. W80 D50 H30(mm)/ 170g

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  • MUCH


    Puzzle like utensil holder made from the Aji Stone material. Comes in four pieces. Feel united when the unique individual pieces come together. W120 D120 H20(mm)【four pieces/set】/ 340g



    A set of 3 plates. The different sizes will dictate what should be places on them. Perhaps a pair of glasses for the large, a bar of soap for the medium, and an accessory for the small plate. The soft curve of the corners will blend into any room of any style home. W200 D160 H10(mm)/ 730g



    シンプルな石のプレートです。 四辺を斜めに切り落としたフォルムが全体を薄く軽い印象にしています。 冷たい石の器はフルーツを置くのに最適です。表面を鏡面仕上げにしている事で、庵治石の特徴である「艶」の魅力を最大限に引き出しています。エントランスやリビングでのインテリアとしてもおすすめです。スペックW250 D150 H35mm/1700g 作:落合 賢